Monday, 25 April 2011

Trop Trop.

Tropical Tropicana.

I'll review it here : )

10/10 It's a lovely drink, I think you should too.


Whit x

Ranting should be added to the list!

I really need to get back into the old HTML crap! Anyway to the rant. Which isn't even too much of a rant just something that annoys me.

The 'night out call':

A phone call which I would like to describe as the one I get at gone 12am nearing more like 1 or 2 in the morn. When I'm at home and my mates or girlfriend (sorry Nikki, I know you mean well). I'll just repeat that point now, I know they mean well in ringing me, because I'm not there and I really do make a night out, so its obvious I am missed, lol lol lol <--- thats more than untrue. But yer, they just annoy me, the main reason for this annoyance is I simply cannot make head nor tail of what is being said. I mean, seriously, when I'm out I can't make head nor tail what people are saying to me, everything is said twice and I just agree or disagree and hope my answer fits the question. I've probably been asked all sorts of things when out and answered wrongly with a solitary "yes" or "no". So yer, I was watching the end of Lewis when me phone rings, lucky for me i have it on silent at night so i don't get disturbed, so i let it ring out (does this make me a bad person?) Lewis then finishes, and me Dad goes upstairs so I crack on with the voicemail left, its just noise, sounds like some bad singing and I havent got a clue whats being said, at least when in a club you can try and read the other persons lips. This is quite hard to do, people probs think i like mouths or to shove my ear in there, i must be going deaf at 21, either is freakish. Trying to read someones lips must look odd, eyes facing their mouth, and trying to listen by shoving ones ear into their mush is probs equally as bad, especially if the person has a higher voice, it rams the old ear drums then. Erm, what was I on about, fuck knows, anyway, the night out calls annoy me basically cant make head nor tail of whats being said, a text is much simpler and i'd happily reply to that : ) I'm a bad person/friend but the little things annoy me. If anyone reads this and likes it or understands/hates me for it, drop me a comment, it will be my first and even if you slate me i'll love yer for it. Ignore the bad grammar, spelling and punctuation my rants include erratic use of apostrophes, some are present, others not, get over yourself grammar nazis.

Whit x

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Minor thoughts.

Its gunna take time to do this...

I'm quite lucky I have a girlfriend whom I reckon everyone should follow Style Twigs.
Nikki has just started blogging like me, however, she's doing fashion where as I am not. However I may mention fashions in this blog it will probably be a mockery of some truly awful style I see out and about.


I'm currently messing about with the design and have put a lovely picture up to the right of this post. It's a piece of work which took about 40 mins and wasted some essay time last year.

Speaking of essays.

I was making notes on a current one, I've chosen to study Indiana Jones as a contemporary representation of the early 20th century explorer. Yay, I get to watch Indiana Jones and call it Human Geography.

I'm really wasting time here as its nearly 3am and I'm nursing a bad ear infection MOWWWWWWWW :(

I really should have an aim for this blog. I may rather badly put a description down here in this unrelated post (I may bring up aims of this blog at a later date when I get more time and feel more alive).

I must blog about my Scalextric I dusted off and set up in the conserv the other day, its slowly been nursing me better, VROOOM, until i glide (rater elegantly) off the track and have to reposition the car (MUUUUUM).

Back to the point, aims in a nice list:
  • General life (ohh I must sound like every Tom, Dick and Percy on here
  • A bit on sport, consisting of mainly:
    • Football, mainly Donny Rovers
    • Skiing (when I go)
  • Technology
  • My general humour (this could potentially ruin the blog). For example, why is it when you use a lift the weight plaque always states that the lift carries "X" amount of people, when clearly half the amount of "X" couldn't fit inside the lift. ITS NOT A 10 PERSON LIFT, ITS PACKED WITH 4 SLENDER ADULTS. Unless these lifts account for very small people or contortion artists i do not know!li
  • Lots of tangents like above

  • General life (did i mention this one)

  • Probs the troubles n strifes of student life and the aftermath of university, final year is coming to an end, what on earth do I do next?

Thats enough for tonight anyway, probably bored you all to death and next time i should go out an create a nice post which is all edgy and has a good argument. I may even review something half seriously. Night night. Whit x

Friday, 22 April 2011


Sorted out a correct blog title and matching url :)

I should really be doing a uni essay now but this will probs just entice me into learning HTML code all over again. Expect different themes, fonts colours and stupid stuff in this erratic, and not very conventional blog.